About Us

We have a citronella and other essential oils plantation bank of 157 acres near Butibori Nagpur and aim to complete 500 acres soon , and many more in years to come, in and around Nagpur. Some specifically marked area of the plantation is purely organic , essential oil, grown using pure organic Gaumutra based vanaspati tonics, compost and vermi compost which are produced under guidance of senior scientists at our own farms itself. Cow & goat dung manure used for our plantation is also procured from our own Gaushalas at our own farms.
Our own high quality permanent and mobile Steam Distillation units procured from globally reputed manufacturers produces excellent quality Citronella and other essential oils. The oil produced by these Steam Distillation units having stainless steel vapour touching parts is rust free , carbon free, transparent and of very pale yellow colour which is considered to be the best. ( Steam distillation procedure is the best and purest way out of all procedures to extract Citronella and other essential aromatic oil ) Our oil is produced with the assistance of highly qualified and trained technicians under strict quality control and regular sample checking . We have a highly qualified technical and well maintained backup for producing pure and best quality oil.