Citronella oil

Uses Of Pure Natural Citronella Oil
  • Malaria and Dengue mosquitos repellent. Apply two drops on kid’s shoes and belt or watch and keep children safe from mosquitos.
  • For repelling mosquitos and other insects, add few drops with phenyl while cleaning the floor.
  • For relief from bathroom odours and expelling other insects, pour few drops in the drain.
  • For relief from human body odour, add one drop in water while bathing.
  • Add few drops in water and clean your feet for freedom from bacterial & fungal smell.
  • For removing moisture smell, bacteria and fungi from clothes, add few drops with water while washing clothes.
  • Spray a little on car seat covers and car foot mats for relief from humidity odour and repelling insects from the car. It will also give a soothing effect to you in your car.
  • For bacteria free and fungi free door mats, socks and shoes, pour few drops on door mats , socks and in shoes.
  • Spray on your Dog/ Pet collar or add in their shampoo and keep them free from insects and smell.
  • Spray a few drops in your flower pots for relief from insects and ants.
  • For using as room and mind freshener, soak few drops in cotton swab and place it in the air conditioner vent.
  • For aroma and insects free freshness in the house, add few drops in water and use in Fumes dispenser.
  • For expelling termites, add some drops in kerosene and pour or spray in the termite nests.
  • For Ayurvedic herbal massage and relaxation add few drops in coconut or other herbal massage oils.
  • Add few drops in hand wash for soothing fresh smell and keeping your hands free from bacteria and fungi.
  • For using as Aromatic candles, add few drops on burning candles wax.
  • Add few drops in garbage bucket and keep it free from insects and bad odour.
  • For several other household uses and benefits Google search for uses of Citronella oil on the Internet