Top Citronella oil Manufacturers in India

Citronella oil Manufacturers

Citronella oil Manufacturers in India. Citronella oil is an essential aromatic oil which is vastly used in cosmetic, fragrance, perfume, home care, hotels, restaurants, spas, beauty parlours, detergents, phenyl, etc for fragrance, aromatic diffusers, aromatherapy, as an organic disinfectant antibacterial antifungal aroma fragrance oil.
A good example of citronella oil usage is found in the lobbies of 5-star hotels. You always find a citrus aroma over there which makes you feel relaxed and calm. This fragrance also keeps the mosquitoes and bad smell away.
Citronella oil is also used in perfumes, deodorants, bathing colognes and air fresheners as a natural scent with excellent properties.

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We at CitSpray aroma Sciences are one of the biggest manufactures and extractors of Citronella oil and other essential oils.
We have our own high-quality distillation units and vast land banks of hundreds of acres of a plantation of citronella and other aromatic crops.
We follow very stringent quality norms and distil the best quality aroma oils and fragrances in the world-class distilleries.


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Our citronella oil farming and oil processing are done under very experienced scientists and with the guidance and consultation of Government approved institutions.

Our Citronella oil is the best essential aroma oil available at a very competitive reasonable price.
One of the major reason for providing excellent quality oil at very acceptable prices is that the entire chain of the system is ours. Right from our own farmlands having best quality Citronella Jawa plantations, state of the art distillation units, filtering & packing units to our own platforms of marketing and sales. This avoids any outside interference of any person which assures unadulterated and untouched Citronella essential aromatic oil at best prices without any loading of commission agents or traders.

We believe in long term satisfying relationships and aim to supply CitSpray aroma Sciences Citronella oil globally with our motto as …
CitSpray aroma Sciences.
best essential oils at the best prices.