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Car Humidifier Diffuser


You need to wet the cotton sponge first, if not, car diffuser can not work properly. 2. Water soluble essential oil are preferabe.

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  • 3 in 1 functions: Humidification & Aromatherapy & Purify
  • With a 25ml Humidifing Capacity per Hour, it’s Enough to Change the Car Microenvironment and Meet Your Needs. The 2-hour Automatic Shut-off Prevents Potential Harm from Running without water
  • Small Enough to Easily Fit into a Coat Pocket, or Slip into Your Purse or Bag, Which Includes Charger Design, not Need Prepare the External Power Adapter or Cable
  • Humidifier Water Tank Could be 180-Degree Rotation with No Leakage, Standard Car Charger Interface, Which Could Compatible with the Most Vehicles
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