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Cedarwood Essential Oil


“For Skin: Cedarwood Essential Oil is excellent for the skin due to its purifying abilities.It helps improve skin imperfections.
For Hair: Cedarwood Essential Oil promotes hair growth.It nourishes the scalp and strengthens the roots of the hair.
Aromatherapy: Because cedarwood essential oil is a sedative, it has the power to relieve tension and stress that affects your health.It has a soothing and calming effect on the mind”.

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Cedar-wood essential oil extracted through steam distillation from pieces of the cedar wood tree.Cedar-wood Oil promotes both physical and psychological well-being by improving focus and wisdom while relaxing your senses. This oil reduces skin irritation and cures fungal infections. It also stimulates metabolism, tightens muscles and cleans out toxins leaving you rejuvenated inside and out.

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