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Ceramic Aroma Candle Diffuser-Yellow


Let your home smell like your paradise. Beautiful designer oil diffuser gift set is simply designed to fill your surroundings with natural fragrance. The product is good for a continuous aroma that helps provide a calming, scent in your home or office. Simple and stylish, this burner works with any decor. Half-fill the well with water and add a few drops of your favorite home fragrance oil. For a more subtle fragrance, add 15 ml of water. Place a candle in the opening at the base and light.

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How you decorate your home or party and the way you feel. Life is art. We grace and timeless appeal this aromatherapy essential oil burner design in ceramic is highlighted by Round shape pattern. Place it on a prominent spot to experience an enduring sense of your favorite smell. It will transform any space into a spa like atmosphere. . Perfect for gifting to friends, family and for corporate gifting.This decorative and finely designed Round shaped box has been hand crafted using traditional skills.

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