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Ceramic Offwhite Electric Diffuser


  • Ceramic Electric Diffuser-High gloss finish, Made of Ceramic, Designed to allow easy placement, refilling of oil and easy cleaning.
  • Will not crack.Just feel the top bowl with normal drinking water than put 4/5 drop of oil in the water ,lite the bulb ,within 10 to 15 min you’ll see the fragrance will start spreading in the surrounding , you can use 0 watt bulb in it it’ll become a good decor in your house.
  • Easy to clean with normal water and can be use as long you want .It is a perfect gift for occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays or just an occasional gift for a close friend.
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  • This classy decorative Tea light Lamp & Aroma Oil Burner or Aroma Oil diffuser is handmade ceramic diffuser is an exclusive use in bathroom, Table, kitchen, Office, Indoor and Outdoor Home Decoration Purpose.
  • Its work with Normal bulb, Electric Safety Plate nicely fitted in the bottom to avoid any Electric Short.
  • Suitable to use in your home / office / lobby / reception etc.
  • The best option to fragrance your place you want according to your mood.
  • Aroma oil you may use according to your choice.
  • if you don’t want to use aroma oil some time, it’ll become good decor for your house, you can see the reflection in the picture coming white bulb, the reflection will change according to the bulb color, so whatever color you like use it there.
  • It’s suitable to use in your house, office, Pooja Room, Kitchen & Bathroom etc.
  • Care Instructions -Clean With Dry Cloth.
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