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Ceramics Aroma Diffuser Electric Essential Oil Lamp Shape


“A well-furnished and prim and proper home/office can be a major put off if it smells bad. Give your place an invigorating fragrance with this aroma oil and diffuser set from Citspray Ceramics and breathe in the freshness. Electrical Burner: This aroma diffuser works with the help of an electric burner and an electric bulb that heat up the oils to exude the fragrance.”

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  • Ceramic Electric Diffuser With Dimmer Switch to Control Fragrance and Light Intensity.
  • Adjust the light of the dimmer to warm the essential oil.
  • You just need to drop the fragrance oil into the small dish on the top of the lamp and then adjust the dimmer.
  • The Fragrance Warmer has a Dimmer Knob which gives you total control of the amount of fragrance that goes into the air, as well as the amount of lighting that you want in the room.
  • It is a perfect gift for occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays or just an occasional gift for a close friend
    Good option to use in your home / office / reception / restroom/Spa/Hotels
  • Easy to clean and reuse.
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