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Coffee Essential Oil


Good Hygiene- Adding few drops of this essential oil to laundry and towels promotes good hygiene. Helps Calm Acne- With its anti-inflammatory effects, this essential oil also calms the inflamed acne. It also plays a major role in removing bacteria from the skin.Tightens Around the Eye Area- One of the other aging sign that bothers many individuals is the sagging of the skin around the eye. To prevent sagging of this skin as well as dark circles, dab a small amount of this and massage it in this area.This oil helps your hair to grow fast and development of strong hair, which is less prone to breaking.

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Coffee Oil (Coffea arabica) is produced by expression from the coffee bean by the process of cold pressed method. Coffee oil is an antioxidant and makes a superb addition in anti-aging skin care items and body scrubs.

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