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Cypress Essential Oil


Cypress essential oil is derived from the fresh leaves of the cypress plant through the method of steam distillation.Cypress oil is used for Skin Care, Women Health, Detoxification, Pain Relief, Weight Reduction, Mental Relaxation, and Wounds & Scars.

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When applied topically to skin, Cypress oil has clarifying effects that tighten pores and control sebum levels of oily skin. Inhaling Cypress oil vapors helps decongest and lift the spirits.This essential oil may bring courage during traumatic life events and can help ease painful transitions relating to loss.Because cypress essential oil is a diuretic, it helps the body remove excess water and salt that can lead to fluid retention. It also stimulates circulation by increasing blood flow. Use cypress oil topically to treat varicose veins, cellulite and any other condition that is caused by poor circulation, such as hemorrhoids.

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