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Electric Aroma Ceramic Diffuser Square Shape


  • Enjoy Aromatherapy in Purest Form:Electric Aroma Oil Diffuser is an elegant light ceramic lamp that will bring comfort to any room or office.
  • Use a few drops of essential or fragrance oil to welcome pleasing fragrance, positivity, and happiness in the interiors.
  • Easy Diffusing Method: Simply place your favorite oil or wax melt and it will melt into bliss within 10 to 15 minutes. You’ll see and feel the spreading of fragrance in the surrounding.
  • Perfect for Every Place:Ceramic Oil Burner works as a perfect night light in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or another ideal place to create a fantastic or romantic environment.
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  • Citspray  Electric Aroma Oil Diffuser and Oil Burner is designed to plug directly into your wall outlet.
  • Just add your favorite fragrance oil or place one or two drops of essential oil along with few drops of water and plug the oil warmer into an outlet.
  • This elegant electric oil warmer can be used as a burner, night lamp, and aroma oil diffuser.
  • No flaming! When using it, you can simply put the fragrant, scented or essential oil onto the dish.
  • The bulb not included with the warmer and it is replaceable.
  • This item can make amazing aroma energy charms for love, luck, and more…
  • Electric aroma oil burner enhances the room to be lit as a lamp and also works as a burner to burn any desired fragrance.
  • Suitable for any wall plug-in and any residential or commercial environments.
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