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Kewara Essential Oil


Kewra oil is basically extracted out of the flowers of the kewra plant through the steam distillation process.Can Be Used As An Antiseptic & Antibacterial.

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Helps In Soothing Brain Nerves.Moisturizer For Rejuvenating Skin.Helps To Attain A Soft, Glowing & Healthier Skin.This oil works great for people suffering from depression it helps them to get over the feelings of sadness or loss and fills them with new hope. Having various antioxidant properties, it is also very beneficial for the skin, it is sued in various skin care products in order to return the sheen to old and dull skin. Having antibacterial properties, it is also very useful to fight problems like cold, influenza, asthma , etc. Further, Essential Oil also alleviates the pain of cramps, wounds, burns, etc.

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Weight 15 g

Bottle, Spray


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