Pure essential oils

Pure essential oils

Essential oils are the best Natural mosquito repellents

Essential oils are one of the best ways to not only keep your home & office full of Fragrances but also pure natural organic essential oils are the best natural mosquito repellents.

CitSpray aroma sciences mosquitoes repellent

Summer and Monsoons are enjoyable but they also bring mosquitoes that may carry diseases and other infections.

CitSpray aroma sciences has an All Natural essential oil blend spray Mosquito Repellent to help protect you and your family!

* Citronella essential oil :antiparasitic – helps keep away mosquitoes

* Lemon essential oils: antiseptic – ensures no infection sets in on previous bites

* Eucalyptus essential oils : insecticidal – perfect for outings and visits to parks etc

* Cinnamon essential oils : powerfully antibacterial – fights off infections in bites, scrapes or minor cuts.

* Lavender essential oils : anti-inflammatory – reduces burning, itching and stinging in previous bites

These oils can be sprayed around in your office or home and also can be used as diffuser oils in aroma electric diffusers, essential oil diffusers, Ultrasonic humidifiers etc..

These oils can also be helpful if used as bathing oils.
Just add a few drops in your bucket of water and bath.
It will keep you safe from infections, allergies and mosquitoes.

CitSpray aroma Sciences,
Pure Natural Organic Essential oils are multipurpose.

‘ Happy Aromatic summertime ‘




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