What are Hydrosols..!?

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Hydrosols are water-based extracts made from the steam or water distillation of fresh flowers, leaves, fruits, and other plant materials.
They are a byproduct of the manufacturing process and share many properties same as essential oils.

Differences between Essential oils and hydrosols are that the Essential oils are the oil-based part and hydrosols are the water soluble part.
In Latin Hydro means water, sol means solution…

Essential oils and hydrosols have some similar properties but hydrosols have a much higher water content this means they are gentler than Essential oils and can be applied directly to your skin without needing to dilute them with the carrier oil.

Hydrosol is often used in skincare or aromatherapy products while they have also been used for medicinal purposes, cleaning purposes, disinfectant properties making it perfect for Air freshener, home cleaning purposes etc.. for pets also they are very good.

Hydrosols are used in a variety of products like body products, perfumes, skin toners, makeup products, aromatherapy, Alternative Medicine, bathing water (Kings & queens favorite), like toner, creams, gel, topical cream for wounds inflammation or soothing skin, blended with face pack, for facial, like a body mist, baby room freshener, linen freshener, facial wash, shampoo n many more….

Hydrosols are used in aromatherapy with different names like hydrolases, distillates, hydrolats, plant water, flower water, and floral water.

The major difference between hydrosol and Essential oils:-

1)Hydrosols are water-based while Essential oil is oil-based.
2)Hydrosol is like the diluted version of Essential oil they contain some percentage of essential oils in them.
3)Hydrosols are safe and gentle they can be used on children, babies, and pets comfortably.
4)Hydrosols are cheaper.
5)Hydrosols do not require dilution like Essential oils.

If you are allergic to Aroma then hydrosols are the best option for you but its important to remember that hydrosols are natural products that vary in color, taste, aroma, PH, and chemical constituent.

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